General Operating Specification of Corrugated Sidewall Conveyor


Sidewall belt conveyor is a kind of conveyor which is the best solution for horizontal, sloping or vertical product transport. It really can improve our daily life greatly. However, there also occur a lots of accidents. This article will introduce the general operating specification of corrugated sidewall conveyor to help you avoid some of the accident.
1.The staffs which without special training and work certificate are forbidden operating the corrugated sidewall belt conveyor.
2.The staffs must know well the performance of sidewall belt conveyor, such as working principle, structure, performance, technical characteristic, name and function of spare parts, motor and control equipment,etc. They also need to learn the occurrence reason and precautionary measures of some common accidents.
3.The staffs should know well the open/stop procedure and operational method of the corrugated sidewall belt conveyor. They also should be familiar with related communication signal.
4.All the protection facility should be comprehensive, sensitiveness and reliable, forbid operating it without protection facility.

corrugated sidewall conyeyor
5.Forbid conveying the materials whose length and width exceed the limit of the belt conveyor, forbid conveying the materials on a inverse direction.
6.Forbid operating it under faulty condition. Stop the belt conveyor until there are not materials on it in common situation, forbid starting the conveyor with load.
7.The corrugated belt conveyor machine should be avoid starting frequently, the motor is allowed to start twice under the cold state, however, it just allowed to start once under the rated running heat state.
8.The staffs should wear well the relevant labor protection articles before mount guard.
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