Harmfulness of overload of bucket elevator


Bucket elevator is a normal lifting equipment for industry, food industry and mining industry , according to the traction type,the bucket elevator can be divided into the belt bucket elevator and chain bucket conveyor, bucket elevator usually play a important part of the production line, it’s very important to normally work for a long time, to ensure that need to have the right the habits, in addition to a complete set of maintenance plan, and avoid all kinds of abnormal accidents, especially overload, overload is a huge potential risk to the elevator, once the accident happened, the elevator will be devastating damaged, this article will discuss the overload harm of belt bucket elevator.
1.Lifting belt damaged
For belt bucket elevator,if bucket elevator running overload,the lifting belt will be in excessive tension, the lifting belt itself has a tensile strength, tension overloading caused force is larger than the maximum tensile strength, then the belt will be damaged, the belt will roundly fall off,the bucket elevator can not work.
2.Lifting belt slipping
Some customers in order to avoid overloading the accident, deliberately increases its own strength, in fact, this is not a reasonable method, even if the lifting belt does not occur breaking in case of overloading, but another accident will happened, that is slipping, this is because when overload occurs, the bucket with sufficient strength at this time, the lifting belt does not break, but will upgrade with the extension of the length, when the extended length is longer than tension travel distance,the tension device will fail, the belt will slipping, although it has not broken belt harm, but due to slippage,the speed of belt was reduced,then influence the capacity.

3.Pulley shaft broken
The probability shaft broken accident is not high, but the cost is very high with the broken shaft, the pulley shaft has itself breaking load, when the bucket elevator is overloaded, the lifting belt will produce a large tension force, when the tension force is larger than the maximum section breaking force of pulley shaft, the pulley shaft will be broken.
4.Bucket fall off
The bucket elevator belt is connected with the hopper with bolts, if there is much material in the bucket, connection bolts will suffer uneven force, then so bolts hole on the belt will become larger and larger, resulting in falling bolt and bucket.
5.Motor overload
The bucket elevator overload not only harmful to the mechanical part,but also harm to the motor,when bucket elevator overload,the motor also will be overload,the one current will cause ,motor heating,then lead to motor burn out. 
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