How does the industrial bucket elevator lift sticky materials


The industrial bucket elevator can transport different kinds of bulk materials, but sometimes the materials has a big water content so the materials is viscous. Then these materials can not discharge smoothly. Different materials property will adopt different kinds of discharging methods.
industrial bucket elevator
Generally the materials that bucket elevator plant conveying is powder or granule, but some kinds of materials contains much water and make the bulk materials very mucilaginous, the materials would attach to the bucket inwall, and it can not discharge very completely, then much materials will be stacking in the bucket. So if the materials is very sticky, we need to increase the bucket running speed and power, meantime we adopt the method of centrifugal discharging which can avoid the stacking to make the industrial bucket elevator equipment discharging smoothly.
If the bucket gap among the bucket elevator system layout is large and running speed is high, when taking the method of adopting flow feeding , the materials is easy to stack. When adopting the way of digging feeding , the stacking materials can be crushed.
industrial bucket elevator
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