How To Repair The Screw Blade Of Screw Conveyor?


 Screw blade is one of the important part for screw conveyor, the screw conveyor can not work normally or even cause materials stockpile or material overflow problem if there is something wrong with the screw blade. So we should check the screw blade timely and solve the problem in time once found the problem. Below will introduce the common questions for the screw blade:
1. It will affect the conveying capacity if the screw blade of the screw conveyor machine were worn to a certain level. Screw blade must be replaced when it exceed the limit. However, in order to save cost, we can adopt the method of repairing welding if there is small area damage to the screw blade and without any questions to other part of the screw conveyor.

screw blade 01
2. If only part of the screw blade deformation, we can adopt the method of manual proofreading to repair it after being baked by oxy-acetylene flame. If the whole screw blade bend, we can take out the screw blade and check the bend position and direction. Then, we can adopt the method of add pressure or hammer percussion to repair the bend after being baked by oxy-acetylene flame in 600-700℃.
screw blade-02
3. We can adopt the method of welding to repair the screw blade of the screw conveyor equipment if any part of it crazed. Firstly, clean flat the crack section. Secondly, processing a concentric tube which must with certain cooperate degree solid shaft. Thirdly, thrusting the solid shaft into the two tube symmetrically. Finally, adjusting the straightness, then connect welding in the circle and reach the requirement of repairing.
screw blade 03
The service life of the screw conveyor machine is fixed, in order to prolong the service life, we should reinforce the protection, maintenance, spare part replacement timely during operating.
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