How to Adjust Belt Deviation of Conveyor Belt ?


In order to resolve the malfunction of belt deviation, conveyor belt manufacturer & end user should pay attention to the accuracy of installation dimensions and routine maintenance of equipment. According to different reasons of belt deviation, the solutions are as follows:

1. To adjust carrier roller group
When  belt deviation occurs in the middle position of conveyor belt, it can be solved by adjusting carrier roller group. Conveyor belt manufacturer should make the mounting holes on both sides to be slot shape for the purpose of adjustment.
2. To install self-aligning roller group
The principle of self-aligning roller group is to use the lateral thrust generated from resistance to make the belt move automatically centripetal, reaching the goal of belt deviation adjustment. This solution is generally adopted if conveyor belt is short in length or in bidirectional running.
3. To adjust the position of drive pulley and bend pulley
The mounting position of all conveyor pulleys must be perpendicular to the centerline of longitudinal direction of conveyor belt, and too much offset leads to belt deviation. The adjustment method is similar to that of carrier roller group.
4. To adjust tension device
Two bend pulleys above vertical take-up device should be not only perpendicular to the centerline of longitudinal direction of conveyor belt, but also to the gravity line. When screw take-up device or hydraulic tension device is used, two bearing blocks of tension pulley should be translated at the same time, to make sure the axial line is perpendicular to belt longitudinal direction.
5. The impact of blank point position of transfer area on belt deviation
The blank point position of transfer has a great influence on belt deviation, especially when the horizontal projection of two conveyor belts is in vertical direction. Generally the relative height between two conveyor belts should be take into consideration. The relative height should be increased as far as possible in design phase.
6. To adjust the belt deviation of bidirectional running conveyor belt
In the process of adjustment, firstly observe the relationship between belt movement direction and deviation trend carefully, then adjust the belt deviation of one direction, and then another direction. The emphasis is to adjust drive & bend pulleys, then roller group and material blanking point.

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