How to avoid belt conveyor belt skid problem


Belt conveyor belt skid is a common seen problem during the operation, while the main cause of conveyor belt skid is due to there is not enough friction between conveyor belt and conveyor drum, how to avoid belt skid problem, we will introduce from following three aspects:
1.The running resistance increases, such as conveyor overloads
Solution: conveyor overload is strictly prohibited, the conveying capacity must be designed within the theoretical range ; Replace the roller which is not flexibly;
2.The friction coefficient reduces, for example, the contact area of driving drum and belt enters into water, sundry. Rubber coating surface damages.
Solution: replace the driving pulley and clean the stuff that on the non-working conveyor belt surface.
3.The rubber conveyor belt tension reduces, for example,belt deforms and stretches, besides, the tension of take-up device is not enough which will leads the tensile force decreases.
Solution: increase the tension stroke according to the working conditions, cut off a piece of conveyor belt to solve the problem when the tension is not enough.
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