There are two important aspects on the screw conveyor, one is types of screw conveyor and its application, the second is how to avoid material blocking.
/detail-of-screw-convyor1.The specific type of screw conveyor and its application
The spiral conveyor, according to the rotation speed of the spiral body, can be divided into fast speed conveyor and slow speed conveyor. Slow screw conveyor, which is mainly transport in the horizontal or small angle, and fast screw conveyor, is mainly working in the large inclination, or vertical transportation.
According to the conveying angle, auger conveyor can be divided into vertical conveyor, inclined conveyor and horizontal conveyor. Vertical screw conveyor, mainly transport vertically; horizontal type is used in the horizontal and inclined transportation within 20 degrees; and the inclined conveyor can transport material when the angle is 20 to 90 degrees.

2.Avoid the block material for screw conveyor
There are some specific measures to avoid material blocking when using screw conveyor:
1)Design the technical parameters of screw conveyor correctly and reasonably, such as the speed should not be too large for slow-type screw conveyor.
2)The operation should be standardized, and ensure that no load start and no load parking, and the material feeding is continuous and uniform.
3)You can properly increase the outlet, or lengthen the end of the trough, in addition, you can also install anti-rotating blade at the end of the outlet slot.
4)Lessen the horizontal size of suspension bearing of the conveyor, so that material delivery smoothly.
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