How to Choose The Correct Fertilizer Bucket Elevator?


Fertilizer Bucket elevator
is a lifting machinery that is commonly used to lift material on a vertical plane. To appropriately choose a bucket elevator, there is a lot of factors that needs to be considered in order to meet the requirement of the customers. Generally, model selection of bucket elevator equipment depends on the following factors.
1. Dimension of substance: powder, granular or small lump material.
2. Physical characteristics: adsorbability or viscosity, and moisture content.
3. Proportion of material: common fertilizer bucket conveyor parameters are designed and calculated according to the materials which mass density under 1.6. While large proportion of materials are according to tensile strength of traction and drive part.
4. Unit conveying capacity:
The unit conveying capacity of bucket elevator is different as its different bucket type. The conveying capacity of fertilizer bucket elevator equipment is a comprehensive parameter that depends on bucket type, speed, proportion of material, property of material and number of bucket.
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