How to control the voltage accuracy of rotary vibrating screen


Rotary vibration sieve is a high-precision screening machinery, also there are quite extensive application. But there often appear problems such as voltage instability, not enough of the accuracy for the vibration sieve in the course of the working.
The fuzzy PID composite control of Rotary vibrating sieve machine refers to a control method which combined the fuzzy technology with conventional PID control algorithm. The starting point of this improved control method is mainly because the fuzzy controller itself has poor performance of eliminating the system steady-state error of the rotary vibrating screen equipment and it is difficult to achieve higher control precision. The integral regulation function of the PID regulator can control the system's steady-state error to zero possible theoretically and has a very good role in the elimination of errors. Therefore, the fuzzy control and PID regulator are combined to increase the steady-state control performance.
The precision and tracking performance of the fuzzy controller of rotary screening machine must make linguistic variables obtain more linguistic values. That is, the smaller the classification, the better the performance, but at the same time the disadvantage it brings is that the number of rules and calculations also greatly increased, making debugging more difficult, real-time controller difficult to meet the requirements. Rotary vibration sieve equipment in the domain with different control methods to achieve sub-control, according to switching logic to choose one, that is, use the fuzzy control in large deviation range, PID control in the small deviation within the scope, it is equal to a switch function. Although this switch-changing mode, that is, the PID hybrid architecture has some adaptability to complex systems, the choice of switching logic has a direct effect on the control performance of the gyro-shaker equipment system and how to achieve smooth switching to reduce disturbances and oscillations and ensure the stability of the system has always been a problem that cannot be solved.

The space vector in the voltage space vector pulse width modulation of gyro screener has both a sinusoidal spatial distribution and a time-dependent sinusoidal for the space vector at each determined position. In this way, the problem of the circular magnetic field of the motor can be transformed into the control problem of the voltage space vector. In fact, the voltage space vector pulse width modulation of the vibration sieve equipment corresponds to combination of a special switch trigger sequence and pulse width of the permanent magnet synchronous motor in the three-phase voltage source inverter power device, this control method can generate sinusoidal currents with a small difference in waveform distortion of 120 in the coil which is customized.
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