How to Extend Life Span of Coal Bucket Elevator


In the use of coal bucket elevator, we should pay attention to the reasonable operation as well as regular maintenance:
1,different types of bucket elevator adopt different maintenance methods, if sprocket wears to a certain extent ,please unscrew the bolt of the chain, remove the sprocket wheel.
2,maintain the normal lubrication to all lubrication points,otherwise,it will occur serious wear even damage after using for a long period.
3,check the operation of each component regularly, check the connection bolt fastening condition as well as if any wear or damage of traction and buckets.
4, scattered material will occur at the bottom after coal plate chain bucket elevator using for a long time, please clean up timely otherwise it will affect the operation.Meanwhile,if there are materials accumulate in the bottom section,it will easily lead to buckets break and fall down due to the large impact force.
5, check the connection of buckets and the bucket belts is firmly or not,if any screw looseness,bucket falling down or deflection,please solve it timely.
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