How to Install the Scraper Chain of Drag Chain Conveyor


1. Check it out that whether the scraper chain can twirl flexibly or not before fabricating the drag chain conveyor. The installation only can be made when the scraper chain twirls flexibly.

2. The following preparations we should pay attention to during the process of assembling the scraper chain of scraper chain conveyor.

1) All of the inspection caps, end covers of head section and tail section and lower covers of curved section should be opened, the upper covers of horizontal section and rotative section also can be opened if necessary.

2) The tail pulley of scraper chain conveyor is adjusted to the initial position of the tensioning gear travel.

3) Make sure the moving direction of scraper chain is correct. The moving direction is shown in the construction drawing or the arrow direction in packaging instructions.

scraper chain conveyor fabricated by PK Mining Machinedry Industry

4) Prepare scraper chains in the right amounts and spare parts in appropriate quantity.

3. When assembling scraper chains of the trough chain conveyor, ensure a fabricating measure according to conveyor type, length and the on-site condition.

1) The ordinary method is segmented assembly. 10 shots of scraper chains are connected as one group, then each group of scraper chains are mounted in scarper chain conveyor in sequence. When the scraper chain reaching to the head pulley, we can turn the chain and wheel by hand winding.

2) The scraper chains of MC type trough chain conveyor can be hoisted from top to bottom, which is convenient. The tail section should be fixed by a rope and a crow bar so as to connect to left scraper chains after the scraper chains are assembled into the conveyor, which can prevent scraper chain from falling too fast to cause an accident.

3) About the final joint link position of scraper chain: for MS type scraper chain conveyor, it can be jointed in the upside of middle horizontal section(that is none-load section). For MC type drag chain conveyor, it can be arranged in inspection port of the curved section.
scraper chain conveyor fabricated by PK Mining Machinedry Industry

4. After the installation of scraper chain is finished, the tensioning device should be adjusted to keep the chain in the appropriate degree of tightness. 1~2 shots of scraper chain should be added or removed at the joint if they are too tight or loose. Then re-adjust it again. The unused stroke of tensioning device after the adjustment should not be less than 50% of total stroke.

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