How to Maintain Dust Screw Conveyor


1. It’s very easy for dust screw conveyor to occur blocking phenomenon because dust has small unit weight but larger instantaneous flow rate. In this condition, please shake the screw conveyor and open the upper cover and clean dust.
2. Meanwhile, dust is very easily to enter into screw conveyor bearing box to cause the lack of lubricating oil. In this case, this machine will generate noise and vibration, then cause premature wear and failure of bearing. Therefore, please maintain the bearing timely.
3. In order to clean the dust screw conveyor, connect the upper cover plate and screw conveyor casing by bolts. After several times’ dismounting, sealing packing between upper cover plate and casing will lose its function to cause sealing problem and pollution environment. So if adding inspection hole in a proper place, we can observe and dredge dust without dismounting the upper cover plate.
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