How to Maintain Scraper Conveyor Chain


1. Keep proper chain tension, scraper conveyor chain tension should be adjusted timely to meet preload requirements during the operation. Too tight chains are easy to cause premature wear, the damage of chain and sprocket, etc. On the other hand, too loosen chains lead to scraper going off the trough, as well as chain breaking and scraper damage.
2. Replace scraper conveyor chain and roller timely, regular inspection and measurement of chain elongation and attrition rate are required in the daily maintenance. If the chain rollers are damaged or seriously worn, it is requested to replace with new chains and rollers. Twisted chain phenomenon is forbidden in the process of replacement, since it easily causes floating chain and operational accidents.
3. Enhance the inspection of scraper hinge pins, sprockets and chain roller diameters, to prevent chain breaking caused by the jamming of fallen scrapers.
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