How to Reasonably Select Screen Mesh for Vibrating Screen


The vibrating screen consists of drive motor, vibration exciter, screening box,and screen mesh. Among of them, as the part which directly contact the materials, the quality of screen mesh immediately decide the working performance and service life of the vibrating screen.

1.Carbon steel screen mesh

Carbon steel screen mesh is a prevailing screen mesh type in vibration screen machine. Its other performance is ordinary except the screening effect. If it meets some special materials, such as acidic materials, oxidizing materials, grinding materials, the carbon steel screen mesh will be fleetly destroyed by these materials.
vibrating screen fabricated by PK Mining Machinery

2.Stainless steel screen mesh

When the vibrating screen screening acidic materials, oxidizing materials, we need to think about the corrosivity of materials. Then the stainless steel screen mesh has a feature of good corrosion resistance.

3.Wear-resistance steel screen mesh
vibrating screen fabricated by PK Mining Machinery

The common wear-resistance steel screen mesh is made of manganese steel. This type of screen mesh has a strong wear-resistance property, which is mainly used for high grinding materials type vibration screen, such as ores.

4.Polyurethane screen mesh

This type of screen mesh is a common screen mesh type for vibration screen machine as well. It has very strong corrosion resistance and abrasive resistance, that’s to say, it has the performance of both stainless steel screen mesh and manganese steel screen mesh. Polyurethane screen mesh is a good choice for the corrosive and grinding materials.
vibrating screen mesh fabricated by PK Mining machinery

5.Bar screen mesh

These four kinds of vibrating screen meshes above were defined based on the making material. But this type of screen mesh is defined based on its function. It has a special structure,which is composed of many metal bars. This kind of screen mesh is mainly used for large size materials on the purpose of rough screening initially to take the large size materials off.
vibrating screen mesh fabricated by PK Mining machinery

As for the making material for the bar screen mesh, it depends on the sieved materials character.

The screen meshes above were divided based on the making material and function, but what is more important, according to the screen mesh structure, the screen mesh also can be divided into the woven mesh and the punching mesh. Woven mesh is a common screen mesh, but when processing twining materials, please adopt the punching screen mesh.
vibrating screen mesh fabricated by PK Mining machinery

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