How to remove sawdust from stone


Sawdust refers to fallen broken wood chips from the trees when cutting the trees during wood processing. Sawdust contains a lot of branches and stones, thus it needs to separate stones and branches by vibrating screen. In order to distribute the sawdust well on screen, we design an umbrella distributor and material control gate in the inlet of linear vibrating screen, thus it will increase the screening rate of sawdust and control production,facilitate the screening operations, so as to achieve uniform screening effect.
As always, blockage is a serious problem in the screening process of sawdust, which affects the sawdust screening efficiency. Traditional sawdust screening method is by manual, it requires worker beat the screen surface , thus sawdust can bounce from the outlet. However, this mode of operation has a direct impact on the efficiency and production, as well as safety issues. PK Machinery specially designed a distributor of linear vibrating sieve for sawdust industry according to customer requirements, which can solve the screen blockage completely, sawdust and stone completely discharge from the discharge mouth and increase sieving output.
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