How to select corrugated sidewall conveyor Belt


Corrugated belt is the critical component of corrugated sidewall conveyor. The following points should be taken into consideration for the selection of corrugated conveyor belt.
1. Base belt should have good tensile strength and transverse stiffness.
2. In order to reduce the transverse deformation of corrugated belt and make up the shortage of transverse stiffness, the width of free lateral space should be appropriately increased.
3. Secondary vulcanization makes corrugated sidewall, cleat and base belt firmly bonded. The adhesive strength should not be less than 6N/mm.
4. The straightness deviation between corrugated sidewall and base belt center line is maximum 5mm within any 5 meters.
5. In order to ensure the quality and service life of corrugated conveyor belt, the rubber content should be 45% ~50%; sidewall hardness (Shore hardness) should be 55~65A; cleat hardness (Shore hardness) should be 65~70A.
corruagted sidewall conveyor
6. The gap between cleat tip and sidewall trough should be reduced as far as possible to prevent materials from spilling. The cleat pitch need to get the integral multiple of the waveform pitch of corrugated sidewall.
7.Cleats should be equipped with certain strength and stiffness, as well as abrasion resistance, because cleat not only bears gravity and inertia force of the material in the operation, but also material abrasion in the feeding and discharging process.
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