How to Select Drive Device for Industrial Bucket Elevator


As the power source, the drive device is the key component to bucket elevator. Its combination is diversified. Selecting a set of drive device reasonably according to lifting height, handling capacity, motor power and other elements can effectively reduce the cost of purchasing the industrial bucket elevator.

1.Cycloidal gear motor

Cycloidal gear motor can connect with actuating drum by couplings directly or connect with actuating drum by drive sprockets and chains indirectly to realize the purpose of driving. This type of electric motor has features of low cost and easy maintenance, which is in a widespread application. However, the Cycloidal gear motor will take up large space, so please ensure that if your installation space is enough or not on site before you pick this type of electric motor. This motor is usually used for belt bucket elevator.

cycloidal gear motor supported by PK Mining Machinery

2.Series-K hollow shaft gear motor

Regarding this type of electric motor, its output shaft direction and the motor direction is mutually perpendicular. The motor directly connect with the pulley shaft, so it have a big advantage of saving installation space. It’s the most space-saving electric motor to the industrial bucket elevator, which is so popularized among the European and American clients. But it also has the drawback of high cost, whose price is 1.5 times to 2 times higher than cycloidal gear motor. Besides, the coefficient of difficulty in the installation is big and the maintenance cost is much.

series-K motor supported by PK Mining Machinery

3.Motor plus Gear box

The motor connects with the input shaft of the reduction gearbox by couplings, and the output shaft of the reduction gearbox connects with the pulley shaft by couplings. Although this type of drive device is complex, the running stability is strong and the cost of it is also relatively little. When the lifting height of industrial bucket elevator is high or the handling capacity is too large, the first two types are inapplicable for it, because the running stability of them not as good as this type. But this drive device will take up the largest space and it needs a firm drive platform.

motor and speed reducer supported by PK Mining Machinery

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