How to Select Industrial Bucket Elevator Model By Material Properties


Industrial bucket elevator is a kind of best vertical lifting equipment. It is can be widely used in mining, metallurgy, chemical and construction materials industry, etc. The selection of its model is very important for us, so we must select the model according to the different characteristics of the materials, if not will cause the equipment short service life and consumption waste for you. How to select the elevator model referring to the properties of the lifting materials? PK Machinery will introduce to you in this article:
1.The analysis of the material characteristics is very important for us. Temperature, particle size, bulk density, grinding, moisture, PH, viscosity, hoisting height, throughput, etc, these are the important parameters selection. All the materials with viscosity is not suitable for bucket elevator device because of its adopt gravity discharge and the sticky materials would adhere to the hopper and cannot throw away. It is not proper to select bucket elevator to transport sticky materials.
2.The traction component of belt bucket elevator is rubber belt, so it would cause rubber belt lengthening by high temperature and materials with high temperature.
industrial bucket elevator
3.Ring chain bucket elevator adopts high intensity mining alloy round ring chain, this type is not suitable for materials with small particle size and high abrasion. The materials with high abrasion will rub the chain just as abrasive paper dose and have a big influence to the ring chain. In addition, materials with moisture and PH that is also not suitable for ring chain bucket elevator, they will corrosive the ring chain badly.
4.Plate chain bucket elevator is suitable for block materials with big particle, not suitable for mixture and powder materials. The materials with big block and small particle together is not suitable for plate chain, especially the powder materials, powder will enter the plate chain hinge pin and block the plate chain.
In a word, no matter which kind of bucket elevator you need, the suitable one is better. PKmachinery is a professional manufacturer who has been proficient and skilled in the mining machinery field for decades years. PK machinery provide you more professional and practical solution on building your vibrating sieving and conyeyoring machinery, including solution on system layout, optimal equipment configuration, high-quality equipment,device installation,technical support, after and pre-sale service,etc.
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