How To Solve The Tension Instability Of The NE Bucket Elevator Chain


The chain is an important part of the NE bucket elevator.Many chain quality is not reliable in the market,during use,some users may find the chain unsteady,now Henan Pingyuan Mining Machinery Co., Ltd analyzes the causes of this phenomenon for you.
The NE bucket elevator chain is mainly used for cement raw material,clinker hoist, and it can also be used for improving the material such as coal,stone and hard nut shell.The NE bucket elevator chain is made of alloy steel with advanced heat treatment method,which is high strength wear chain,which can be used continuously to ensure the service life of conveyor chain for 3-5 years.Plate chain not only can improve the powdery and granular materials, and materials for improving grinding cut larger materials,high temperature of 200 ℃ high hoisting height:under the rated throughput, hoisting height can be up to 50 m high humidity, strong viscous material unfavorable choose this model.

Matters to solve the tension instability of the NE bucket elevator chain
1.Before installation, the traction chain should check whether the joint rotation is flexible,such as the difficulty of rotation,remove the rust stain with gasoline or kerosene,and use sandpaper to wipe the light until it is flexible and can be installed.Do not apply lubricating oil. 
2.Convenient for handling and installation,when leaving the factory, the traction chain of about 4 meters is connected to one group, when installing, first open the tail repair cover and the central repair cover,the two side traction chains are hoisted from the hoist casing by hand pull chain when the traction chain is correct (the four-hole plate is relative) from the rear end or the central access point.Pull the chain around the front wheel and connect it.The tail sprocket assembly is referred to the upper end of the adjustable range with the other hand,connect the traction chain around the rear wheel.When the tail wheel assembly is lowered, the tensioning schedule that the tail wheel has not yet used should not be less than 50% of the total stroke.If found to be too high or too low, it should be at the end of the line, join or remove the two traction chains, and then adjust.
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