Improved Method for Reversible Belt Conveyor


The characteristics of the reversible belt conveyor are simple and reliable,the layout axis of the incoming material belt conveyor can be coaxial with the warehouse,can also be perpendicular to the warehouse column, and the reversible belt conveyor will move vertically along the top of the silo,it is suitable for large capacity line.
Structural improvement of reversible belt conveyor:

1.Dust seal: add open type whole guide groove, seal tape and sealing side rubber plate seal on the guide groove. A metal seal is added at the bottom of the reversible belt machine to reduce dust at the bottom of the reversible belt conveyor.In addition, the sealing tape is used to cover the storage area, which can effectively prevent dust from rising.
2.Drum drive: the standard reversible belt conveyor with storehouse of electric rolling Jane drive instead of cycloidal reducer drive, can be used in the environment of high temperature and large load environment, drive failure rate greatly reduced, and the maintenance is convenient.
3.Sweeper setting: the head adopts a new type of polyurethane spring sweeper, and the central part adopts the straight line polyurethane air sweeper.The cleaning and scraping board is improved after using polyurethane material, so it is not necessary to replace frequently, which reduces the maintenance difficulty of the conveyor.

4.Belt anti - deviation device.: the bearing section adopts grooved idlers and a new type of friction lift idler. The no-load section adopts v-shaped idler and a new v-shape reduction center roller group.After the improvement, the upper and lower idlers have the automatic adjustment function, which can effectively reduce the deviation of the belt machine.
5.Protection Device: on the basis of standard reversible belt conveyor with storehouse increase running deviation switch, two-way pull rope switch, limit switch, such as protection, which can effectively protect the equipment use security and operator safety.
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