Installation and Commissioning of Circular Vibrating Screen


Circular vibrating screen is mining screening equipment, which is used for dry material classification in metallurgy, mineral dressing, coal dressing, building materials, power industries.
1. Characteristics of circular vibrating screen
1) Fine material moves towards the bottom of material layer and discharges through sieve mesh.
2) The material struck in the sieve mesh can jump out, preventing clogging of screen.
3) The screening efficiency is high.
4) The inclination angle of screen surface can be adjustable, which can change the movement velocity of the material, to increase the handling capacity of the equipment.
5) For difficult screened material, the main shaft can be reversed to make vibration direction and material movement direction on the contrary, in this case, reduced velocity will increase the screening efficiency.

2. Installation and commissioning of circular vibrating screen
1) Equipment installation
a) Before installation, the first step is to inspect whether the components are complete and in good condition as per packing list. The vibration exciter should be disassembled and washed, then assembled and lubricated if the delivery time is more than 6 months.
b) Erect the equipment according to installation drawing. Make sure the bottom supporting frame is mounted in horizontal installation foundation, which should have enough rigidity and strength to support all the dynamic and static loads of circular vibrating screen.
c) Four corners of screen box have lifting lugs, and four corners of bottom supporting frame have lifting holes. Equipment lifting should be made according to installation drawing.
d) Make sure the clearance between screen box and non-movement parts, such as hopper and feed chute, is at least 75mm.
e) In strict accordance with installation drawing, make sure the clearance between spring support and friction damping plate of screen box is 10mm.
f) The damping springs are chosen as per free height. Make sure springs free height of both sides on front end or back end is equal as far as possible, the deviation is not more than 5mm. The screen surface should be kept horizontal after the installation of screen box, otherwise, thin iron plate can be put between spring support and bracing component.

2) Equipment commissioning
a) The springs must be in vertical situation, spring upper support and contact surface should kept in horizontal condition. After above adjustment, spring upper support should be fastened to the lifting lugs of screen box by bolts, then welded into integrality.
b) The driving direction of circular vibrating screen is determined according to the motor location.
Facing material flow direction in the feeding end, observe whether the motor location is on the right (right side driven) or left (right side driven).
c) Make sure v type belt has enough adjustment amount, and two belt pulleys are in corresponding grooves.
d) After the completion of equipment installation and adjustment, make sure non-load commissioning is made at least 2 hours. In the process of running, operation should be stable without abnormal noise, vibration amplitude and motion trail are in accordance with requirements, maximum bearing temperature is less than 75℃.
e) Load commissioning should be made if the non-load test run is qualified. The test run time is determined according to technological commissioning requirements.
f) Before commissioning, vibration exciter should be turned by hand or other ways, and make sure the rotation is flexible without jamming phenomenon.
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