Installation and debugging method for mine circular vibrating screen


We should check the mining circular vibration sieve machine carefully before installation. Because the delivery time is longer, bearings at the finished product will get rusty, the seals be aging, there will be damage during delivery, that needs to replace the new parts; also, such as the vibration exciter, for antirust, the factory was injected anti rust oil, it should be replaced to the lubricating oil before formally operation.
Before installation, you should read the instructions carefully and make adequate preparations.
1.install supporting device
When installing, the foundation should be leveled, and then installed the components of the supporting device in turn as per the installation drawings of the sieve. Before installing the springs, it should be selected according to the actual stiffness value of the face mark.
2.connect the sieve box to the supporting device
After installed, we should adjust the tilt angle according to the regulations. Firstly we should adjust the horizontal degree, in order to eliminate the deviation of the screen box, and then adjust the screen longitudinal angle. The force for isolation spring should be uniform, the force can be judged by the amount of compression spring measurement. In general, the amount of compression of two springs at feeding end must be the same, and also for the springs at discharging end. Compression at discharge end and spring feed end could be different.
3.Install motor and triangle belt. When installing, the motor foundation should be leveling, the motor level needs to be corrected, the groove center line at the two belt pulley should coincide, the required triangle belt tension are appropriate.
4.Install and fix the screen surface according to the requirement.
5.Check the immobilization of all the parts (such as sieve plate, vibration exciter, etc.); the tension of the sieve should be uniform, avoiding part vibration. Check the lubrication of the transmission part, wiring for motor and control box is correct or not, and move the driving part by hand, checking its operation.
6.Check if there is collision of the feeding chute, discharge chute and the bottom hopper during work.

Commissioning of the circle vibrating separator
The circular screening machine should be performed for test run after installation; it is a preliminary examination of the quality of the installation, and makes the necessary adjustments.
1.The no-live load test run time cannot less than 8h. During this time, checking whether the start-up is stable and fast, the vibration and the operation are stable, whether there is any special noise, and the amplitude meets the requirements.
2.There should be no lateral runout of the screen box during operation. If there is, the reason may be the difference of springs on both sides is too large, the axis of rotation is not horizontal or the triangular belt is too tight, we should make the corresponding adjustment.
3.The temperature of the bearing increases gradually after starting in 4 hours, and then keeps stable. The maximum temperature is not more than 75 degrees centigrade, while the temperature rise cannot exceed 40 degrees.
4.The commissioning should stop immediately if there is abnormal noise or the temperature of bearings rises sharply after starting, check whether the shaft is flexible and the lubrication is good or not, etc., and start after troubleshooting.
5.Stop and check whether the connecting parts are loose or not after running 2-4 hours. If it is loose, then start again after fastening.
6.Check and accept the installed project after the 8 hours’ test without fault.
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