Installation Instructions of Buried Scraper Conveyor


1. Preparation before the Installation of Buried Scraper Conveyor
1) According to packing list provided by the manufacturer , all the conveyor components should be counted, classified, inspected and properly stored after the equipment has reached the site. The conveyor can't be stored in the open air to avoid rusting and corrosion.
2) The dimensions of all conveyor casings, foundation and supports must be checked carefully before installation. The problems should be solved as soon as possible.
3) The necessary tools must be prepared before installation, such as wrench, welding machine, acetylene cutting machine, wire rope, finer wire, etc.
4) The installation personnel includes bench worker, welder, crane operator, electrician, etc.
2. Casing Installation of Buried Scraper Conveyor
1) During the installation, first to use level gauge to confirm the levelness of the foundations and the supports, then fix the supports by spot welding.
2) The components of buried scraper conveyor should be installed in sequence from head section, as per the requirements of installation layout drawing. The levelness and perpendicularity of conveyor casings should be ensured in installation, especially the butt joints of bottom plates must be flush. The allowable downward error along moving direction is 0.5 ~1mm, which will avoid the right and left dislocation of side plates, and ensure the smooth operation of scraper chains.
3) After the completion of all conveyor casing assembly, the straightness should meet the following requirements. Otherwise, it must be calibrated accordingly.
a. When the conveyor overall length is less than 30m, the straightness is not more than 5mm.
b. When the scraper chain conveyor overall length is more than 30m, the straightness is not more than 8mm.
4) To ensure smooth operation of buried scraper conveyor, the head section must be mounted on the foundations or supports firmly, while the intermediate sections and tail section should be fixed by lock blocks in prevention of conveyor sway in the running. When the temperature of conveying material exceeds 200℃, the feeding inlet should be provided with expansion joints, and intermediate sections and tail section can't be welded into the supports completely.
5) The installation of head section and tail section must be centering, and the shafts of two sprockets should be kept parallel, preventing the misalignment of scraper chains in the operation. Generally the head sprocket and shaft are adjusted well before shipment, which should not be disassembled during the installation, but the tail sprocket and shaft can be adjusted.
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