Installation notes of Gyratory Vibrating Screen Machine


1. Before the installation of vibrating screen, please check the packing list to confirm whether the amount of components are complete or damaged.

2. Install gyratory vibrating screen machine according to the installation drawings. Make sure the supporting base is horizontally installed on the foundation, and the foundation must have enough stiffness and intensity to bear all the dynamic load and static load.

3. The vibrating screen should be hoisted through the lugs of screen box.

4. In the installation process, make sure the gaps between screen box and non-moving parts is at least as big as 75mm, such as hopper and intake chute.

gyratory vibrating screen from PK Mining Machinery

5. After the installation of gyratory vibrating screen, both sides of the screen plane should be kept horizontal. Otherwise, unbalance of left side and right side can be adjusted by adding thin metal plates between the spring seat and supporting member.

6. Springs must be in the vertical condition.

7. The rotation direction of the vibrating screen machine is defined as: standing on the feed end, facing the flow direction of materials, observing the motor position, the left hand side is the left drive and the right hand side is the right drive. The gyratory vibrating screen is with the symmetrical design, both sides have belt pulleys. Change the motor position to adjust the left and right drive direction.

8.Make sure the V belt tension has a sufficient amount of adjustment and that the two pulleys’ faces are adjusted in a plane.

9.Before the commissioning of vibrating screen machine, vibration exciter must be rotated by hand or other ways in advance. Only the machine can be started when it confirms that the vibration exciter runs flexibly without any resistance.

gyratory vibrating screen from PK Mining Machinery

10.After the installation and commissioning of gyratory vibrating screen machine, the machine should run for at least 2 hours in the non-load condition. Make sure the machine runs stably and evenly. Ensure it doesn't have any abnormal noise and the maximum temperature of bearings is under 75℃.

11.Users can adjust the amplitude by changing the number of eccentric blocks according to the actual use situation on the scene in order to achieve the desired sifting effect.

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