Installation of Bucket Elevator


Bucket elevator is used for vertical transmission to the various powdery, its property installation can make the future work more convenient. We will show you the installation steps of bucket elevator.
Bucket elevator must be installed firmly on a concrete foundation. The surface of concrete foundation should be flat and level to ensure bucket elevator in vertical and maintain its stability in the future operation. 
bucket elevator

For bucket elevator with higher height, connecting head and middle casing section in place with its neighboring buildings (such as bunker, workshop, etc.) to increase its stability. When installation, install the lower parts first, fix anchor bolts, then install middle casing section, and finally install upper casing section. After the casing installed well, perpendicularity correction. Measure the machine by plumb line from bottom to top, and the error should be less than 10cm. Upper and lower shaft should be parallel, and the axis in the same plane.
For bucket elevator with lower height, connect upper, middle and lower casing section well, then correction on the ground. Finally hang straight and fix the whole machine on a concrete foundation.   
After the casing installed well, install the chains and buckets. Buckets are connected by U-type screws which are chain joins and fixes of buckets. The nuts of U-type screws must be tightened and locking.

After chains and buckets installed well, tension them properly.
Adding oil and grease to reducer and bearing respectively in appropriate amounts. Reducer should be lubricated by industrial gear oils, and bearings by calcium base or sodium base grease.

Have a trial free-load running after the complete installation. Pay attention to that no reversion and no collisions. Free-load running should be less than 2 hours without overheating that bearing temperature not exceeds 250℃, and reducer temperature shall less than 300℃. Free-load running two hours later, load test can be achieved if everything is normal. Feeding should be evenly when load running to avoid excessive feeding causes blocking in the bottom of machine.