Do You Really know the Installation of Buried Scraper Conveyor?


After the completion of the production and processing of any equipment, it is required that the normal production to be carried out after the precise installation. How to correctly install the buried scraper conveyor is a decisive factor for the normal operation of the machine, here we can see the installation steps of the buried scraper:
1. Location: first fix the head and the end position, and then fix the center line of scraper conveyor.
2. Laying the middle trough: laying the middle trough according to the center line of the scraper conveyor. The conveyor surface laying needs to be flat, if the conveyor plane conveyor is over bending, will inevitably lead to uniform force of two chains and accelerate the wear between the chain and trough casing, even the chain.

Horizontal scraper chain conveyor
3. Installation of the head and tail section: there should be enough space for head and tail section, to ensure convenient maintenance and repair, the center line of sprocket and conveyor should be perpendicular and level.
4 .Installation of scraper chain: before installation, it should be pre-connected, the scraper should be evenly distributed in the chain, the chain length should be equal, reverse phenomenon is not allowed.
5. Inspection and non-load running: after the installation of the conveyor, it should be fully checked then start the conveyor. non-load running for two hours, check the main driving device and the scraper operation to make sure it is normal. At the same time, adjust the length of the chain.
6. During the first two weeks of operation, special attention should be paid to the tightness of the chain. Check method is: first connect the upper and bottom scraper chain of head section, then pull the upper or bottom scraper chain of tail section, tension the chain and get a proper length, finally connect the scraper chain of tail section. 

chain of scraper conveyor