Installation Precautions of Sidewall Belt Conveyor


 1. Conveyor frame of sidewall belt conveyor
1) The levelness of conveyor frame is not more than 0.5mm within the length of 1000m, and the parallel misalignment of conveyor frame centerline is less than 1.0mm per meter.
2) The displacement of fitting joints of intermediate frames is not more than 1mm.

/driving-device-section of sidewall belt conveyor
2. Pulleys and rollers of sidewall belt conveyor
1) The perpendicularity between the centerline of conveyor pulleys & rollers and the centerline of conveyor frame is less than 1 degree.
2) The conveyor pulleys and rollers should rotate flexibly after installation.
3. Belt sweeper of sidewall belt conveyor
The contact surface between the scraper of belt sweeper and conveyor belt should be more than 70% of belt width.
4. Tension device of sidewall belt conveyor
The travel distance of tension device should be adjusted forward, which is more than 100mm.
5. Drive device of sidewall belt conveyor
1) Shaft-mounted gear reducer is adopted.
a. Turn the input shaft of gear reducer by hand to check whether it rotates flexibly and has abnormal condition, and resolve the malfunction timely.
b. Check whether the lubricating grease or oil is injected into gear reducer.
c. Make sure the belt pulley of motor and that of gear reducer are on the same plane, the up-down deviation is not more than 10mm.

2) Oil-cooling electric drum is used.
a. Before installing the belt, make sure the rotation direction of electric drum is same as the movement direction of conveyor belt.
b. Inspect whether the cooling oil is injected into electric drum, and the oil-level height is two-thirds of drum radius.
c. Drain the redundant cooling oil and confirm oil-level is on the specified height.

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