Installation requirements of chain bucket elevator


1.Must ensure that the supporting surface of tail sprocket wheel casing of chain bucket elevator is located on the level foundation, and level the upper flange with frame-level.
2.The top drive shaft and bottom tension shaft of the chain bucket elevator should be in the same vertical plane, and the two axes should be parallel with the horizontal plane.
3.There should no significant dislocation at the flange connection of the middle casings, and we can pad into asbestos rope or waterproof rough canvas between the flanges to ensure that the seal. The center line of the bottom section, the middle casings and the top section for the chain bucket lifting conveyor should be in the same vertical line, the deviation of the vertical plane should not more than 1 mm in 1 meter length, while the cumulative deviation of the total height not allowed to exceed 8 mm.
4.The buckets coupling position in the traction chain should be correct, and fasten the buckets and the traction chain with bolts.
5.The tracking section of the chain bucket hoister should be installed in the lower part of the middle section.
6.Adjust the bottom sprocket group to the highest position through tightening device; install the lifting chain, than adjust the tensioning device again so that the traction chain has a uniform and necessary tension under normal operation.

7.The axis line between low speed shaft of the reducer and the driven shaft of the elevator should be parallel, while the maximum axis angle will not more than 40 ', the big and small sprocket should be in the same plane.
8.The middle section of the chain bucket hoisting machine should install prevent deviation device, spacing of the support point should not more than 8 meters, the top support should be close to the head. The bucket elevator should be tensioned with steel cables when installed in the open-air.
9.When the installation of the chain bucket elevator is complete, the transmission parts and reducer should be refueled, and then remove the ratchet cover, ratchet or V-belt, commissioning the motor to see it is positive or negative rotation, when the rotation of motor is turned to the right, adjust the discharge regulator until it does not scrape the buckets in operation is appropriate.
10.Inspect if there are debris in the casings before commissioning, remove it timely if have, commissioning the machine after a whole inspection; adjust the tensioning device during commissioning, adjust the tensioning device again after test run 4 hours and tighten the hopper bolts, welded the nuts and bolts 72 hours after the trial run. Check the tensioning device again after operation one month.
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