Installation requirements of vibration feeder


1.Vibration feeder is widely used for material batching and quantitative feeding to ensure uniform feeding stability ,if you want to prevent the material flow automatically,please install horizontally. For material continuous feeding, vibration feeder can be installed downwards 10 degrees. For viscous material or material contains water,it can be installed downwards 15 degrees.
2.The vibrating feeder should be left lateral clearance 20mm after the installation, using the flexible suspension device connection.
3.Before empty test,please tighten all bolts, especially vibration motor anchor bolt, tighten again after continuous operation of 3-5 hours .
4.When test run, the two vibration motor must reversely rotate, check the current and noise stability, if any abnormal phenomenon,please stop in time.
5.Add the lubrication grease to the motor bearing every two months,in high temperature season add the lubricating oil monthly.
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