Long Distance Belt Conveyor Screw Tension Introduction


Tension device is one of the main part of the long distance belt conveyor, mainly used to provide the normal operation of long distance belt conveyor belt tensioning force. As a professional manufacturer of long distance belt conveyor manufacturer, we would like to introduce screw type tension device in details as follows.
Screw tension device is located in a rubber belt conveyor tail wheel, through adjusting screw tail wheel displacement and tension of the conveyor belt. Generally less than 60 metres in length with smaller power belt conveyor.Pull tight schedule in the series of products are divided into two. 500, 800 mm1% of its schedule according to the length of the long distance belt conveyor.
Screw type tension device has the advantage of simple and compact structure, small occupied space. Defect is not automatically adjust conveyor belt tension, tension size is not easy to control. On the belt conveyor of important should not adopt spiral tension device.
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