Main Components of Screw Conveyor


Screw conveyor not only transports material horizontally and obliquely, but also completes the operation of mixing and cooling at the same time. It mainly consists of spiral body, trough, driving device, bearing assembly and sealing arrangement, etc.

1. Spiral body
Spiral body is basic component of screw conveyor, which is composed of spiral blades and spindle. \
1) Spiral blade is mostly made of welded stamping steel sheets. Clockwise single spiral blades are usually adopted, while multiple spiral blades are mainly used for agitation and mixing equipments. The thickness of spiral blade is determined according to the diameter of spiral body and material properties, generally 2 ~ 8mm. And the diameter of spiral body is typically chosen based on conveyor capacity, material properties and conveyor structure and layout.
2) Spindle is installed in the bearing blocks of both sides of conveyor trough through bearings at head and tail sections, and one spindle nose is connected to driving device.

2. Screw conveyor trough
1) Trough is the bearing-load component of screw conveyor, which thickness is chosen as per the diameter of spiral body and material properties, usually made of thin sheet steel with thickness of 2~8mm.
2) The inner diameter of conveyor trough should be slightly larger than that of spiral body, the clearance between the two is generally 7~10mm. This design is to prevent the abrasion between spiral blades and trough in the operation.
3. Driving device
Screw conveyor is generally driven by electric motor through gear box. Gear motor also can be used to make the conveyor layout more compact
4 .Sealing arrangement
Powdery material is easily penetrated into bearing block along rotating spindle, which will make bearings damage, so the type of sealing arrangement of bearing blocks should be taken into consideration in design phase.
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