Main Function of Double-channel Bucket Elevator


There are two types bucket elevator body: one is the commonly used single-channel type, the other one is double-channel type. The so-called double-channel bucket elevator means that the chassis has two channels, one is for loading material and the other for discharging materials.
The bucket elevator model generally includes TH type link chain bucket elevator, TD type belt bucket elevator, NE plate chain bucket elevator and the HL type chain. The middle part of the bucket elevator includes single-channel model and double-channel model. The double channel is mainly to strengthen the middle part of whole elevator. The loading and discharging operation of chute in the single channel bucket elevator are realized in the same casing channel.
On equal conditions, the lifting capacity of the double-channel bucket elevator is 30% higher than that of the single-channel one. If the lifting capacity of the standard bucket elevator can more or less satisfy the customer’ requirement, the double-channel bucket elevator would become the option. This does not only save money for the customer, but only satisfy their need for the lifting capacity.
For example, the demanding lifting capacity of the customer is 15 m³/h, but the lifting capacity of the TD160 single-channel bucket elevator is no more than 13 m³/h, which cannot meet the need of the customer. The lifting capacity of the TD250 model bucket elevator can reach 25 m³/h, however, both its lifting capacity and price far exceed the customer’s requirement, so does the energy consumption.
Just go back to the point what we have mentioned, the lifting capacity of the TD160 double-channel bucket elevator is 30% higher than that of the TD160 single-channel one, and thus it can fully satisfy the customer’s need for the lifting capacity. In addition,
It is much cheaper than that of the TD250. So the double casing bucket elevator is mainly selected according to the demand for the lifting capacity of the customer. While the standard bucket elevator cannot meet the need, the double-channel one is just designed between the two specifications to satisfy the lifting capacity from different customers.
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