Main Technical Requirements of Conveyor Roller


 1. Cylindrical radial circular runout
It is necessary to make strict specifications on roller radial circular runout so as to guarantee the belt conveyor running smoothly, otherwise conveyor belt vibration will occur, increasing conveyor belt running resistance and consume more power due to its higher value.
2. Rotational resistance after conveyor roller installation
Excessive roller rotational resistance will cause conveyor roller damage in advance and conveyor belt wears rapidly, as well as driving power increasing.
3. Waterproof, dustproof, sealing performance
The service life of conveyor roller depends on its sealing performance to a great extent, good seal performance can prevent dirt and moisture entering into roller bearing effectively.
4. Conveyor roller axial carrying capacity
Generally speaking, roller bears the roll force for only one direction, therefore, we must ensure normal operation under axial load of conveyor roller.

5. Conveyor roller life span
This is a comprehensive requirement which involves the scientific rationality of structure design, the manufacturing quality of roller, bearing selection, the choice of grease and grease filling and sealing effect etc.
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