Maintenance For Bucket Elevator Body & Tensioning Device


Industrial bucket elevator is vertical materials lifting equipment using the belts or chains as its traction component which has advantages of large capacity, running smoothly, durability and stability, etc.

Industrial bucket elevator equipment is widely applied in powder materials, granular materials, abrasive materials and block materials, such as coal ash, slag, limestone, cement raw materials, cement clinker, cement, coal and dry clay, etc.

bucket elevator hoppers fabricated by PK Mining Machinery

For the industrial bucket elevator, we need to maintain its body, automatic tension device regularly as the followings:

1.Inspect all of the chains and buckets. It should be replaced immediately if there exists any cracks, serious deformation and defects.

2.If you need to replace the chains, buckets or other parts, we should take use of the safe and reliable hoisting equipment so as to avoid accidents.

3.If there are many chains and hoppers to be replaced, the chain should be troubleshooted in advance to ensure its flexible rotation, and then assemble it. What we also need to pay attention to is the movement direction of the chains, which cannot be installed reversely when assembling the bucket elevator.

4.Inspect and replace the bearings in the bottom section; fill the bearings with lubricating grease.

bucket elevator chains fabricated by PK Mining Machinery
5.Inspect the vertical gravity automatic tensioning device. The heavy hammer blocks should be installed firmly and keep the tension force appropriate.

6.Inspect the relative position of the chains against the shell. If it is too skewed, then correct it.

7.Inspect whether the bucket elevator casings , bolts are complete and reliable or not.

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industrial bucket elevator fabricated by PK Mining Machinery

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