The Maintenance of Ultrasonic Generator For Ultrasonic Rotary Vibrating Sieve


Ultrasonic generator is one of the most important part of ultrasonic rotary vibrating sieve. It can help improve the sieving accuracy and efficiency for fine screening greatly. The following article will introduce the maintenance of ultrasonic generator.
1.Ultrasonic generator of the rotary vibrating screen should be placed in a ventilated and dry situation to ensure it work normally.
2.In the selection of conductive materials, pay attention to the protection of the cable and plug, so as not to cause electrical short circuit between plug and socket.Plug and socket can not be flooded with water.
3.When in the flammable and explosive situation, should put the ultrasonic power in a safety place and do explosion-proof processing by the user.
4.Protect the cable and plug well during operation, prevent them from collision, extruding, pulling, wear and tear etc. Guard dust from entering the plug and socket ,otherwise it will lead to poor contact.
5.Handle the converter of rotary vibrating sieve gently when disassembling them, not wrench the connecting pipe in large angle frequently and avoid using a brute force knocking cause damage of converter.
6.Tighten the connection between converter and resonance ring base, ensure there is no dirt impurities in the base.
7.Single layer mesh screening and must feed material uniformly.
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