Maintenance Regulations of Trommel Screen


 1. Routine maintenance of trommel screen
1) Routine inspection
Operator conducts the tour inspection every two hours, and makes the operation record seriously.
2) The contents of tour inspection are as follows:
a. To perform the operating instructions strictly. Overload operation is strictly prohibited.
b. To check the temperature of bearings and motors. It is appropriate that the bearing temperature is 35℃ higher than ambient temperature. But the maximum temperature of antifriction bearing is not more than 75℃, and that of sliding bearing is less than 70℃.
c. To inspect the oil level and temperature rise of gear box.
d. To check the lubrication condition of drive gear tooth.
e. To check the pin of elastic coupling and confirm whether it is damaged.
f. To check whether the screen cloth is normal and there is material leakage of screen body.
2. Lubrication maintenance of trommel screen
1) Operators per shift inspect the lubrication points and the oil level of lubricating oil, and add lubricant to the equipment according to the requirements of lubrication chart.
2) To use eligible lubricating grease.
3) To keep the grease clean and confirm it is stored in special-purpose vessel. It is strictly prohibited to be exposed and placed outdoors.
4) To eliminate the oil leakage timely.
5) Make sure the bearing box is in a closed state, unless oiling, oil changing and bearing box washing.
6) Make sure the choke is clean before oiling.
3. Cleaning maintenance of trommel screen
1) Each production team should clean up the motor, gearbox and the accumulated material of every platform.
2) To keep the machine body clean.
3) To clean the scale formation and foreign material of screen cloth regularly.
4) To clean the scale formation of machine body and hopper regularly.
4. Sanitation maintenance of trommel screen
1) Equipment sanitation should be cleaned two times every week.
2) Make sure all equipment parts be clean.
3) It is strictly prohibited to wash bearing box and each part of motor by water and cooling liquid, or clear electrical components and electric cabinet directly, and furthermore blow them by compressed air.
5. Periodic maintenance of trommel screen
1) Each maintenance staff team should conduct spot inspection according to maintenance specifications, and make the record.
2) To check whether the elastic coupling is damaged.
3) To check whether the motor is proper functioning.
4) To check gearbox running vibration and sound suitation.
5) To check the temperature rise of main bearing before and after inspection.
6) To check whether the sound of trommel screen is normal, and material leakage of machine body and screen cloth is existing.
7) To check whether the coupling and protective guard are in good condition and firm.
8) To replace the lubricating oil according to lubrication requirements and make the record.
9) To check whether all safety protection equipments are reliable.
10) To examine the conditions of motor winding, insulation and short circuit monthly.
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