Material Analysis and Selection for Screw Conveyor Blades


Screw conveyor blades are the main parts of the screw conveyor, the screw conveyor blades structure can be divided into sinistral type and dextral type. The major parameters for the blades are outer diameter,inner diameter and thickness, conveyor blades, pitch and material,etc. Among them, material is an important parameter. Selecting the material of the screw conveyor blades directly decides the its service life.

So how to select the right material for screw conveyor blades:

screw conveyor blades from pk mining machinery

1.Carbon steel screw conveyor blades

Carbon steel is the most common material, the common types are Q235 and Q345,etc. It has a good performance on technical processing. It has advantages of low cost. So it is widely used. Normally it is applied in grain transporting and wood chips which is with small grinding property, then it has limits for the handling materials.

2.Stainless steel screw conveyor blades

screw conveyor blades from pk mining machinery

As the corrosion resistant material, stainless steel is the best choice, it has the features of carbon steel and it has corrosion resistant function as well. Besides, stainless steel can meet the requirements of food grade. The common types are SUS304 and SUS316. The stainless steel screw conveyor blades are usually used in the food industry and chemical industry.

3.Wear-resistant steel screw conveyor blades
screw conveyor blades from pk mining machinery

Due to many materials are more harder, they has a large grinding property. Such as ore, scrap iron and so on. Under this condition, it’s necessary to consider using wear-resistant steel. The common type are NM400 and NM450. It has the excellent abrasion resistance performance. It can effectively guarantee the service life of the screw conveyor blades.

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