Matters need to be noted when cement screw conveyor conveying materials


The cement screw conveyor is widely used in the cement silo discharge point, because its space is small, the conveying angle and rotation angle are easy to be adjusted, so it greatly reduced the time cost. However, the screw conveyor has strict requirements in operation in order to enable cement screw conveyors have a long service life, please remember the following items when transporting materials:
1. When the material is started to be fed, the material should be gradually increased, and finally the material should be evenly distributed. The material can not be added to the rated quantity instantaneously,otherwise, the plugging will occur and the drive device will be overloaded, which will have a certain influence on the service life of the equipment.
2. There must not be hard bulk materials in the material,otherwise, the screw auger blades will be jammed and the blades will be deformed, at the same time, the motor also will be burned.
3. Do not feed material when starting up, wait for start-up before feeding, and start the conveyor without load.
4. Stop the feeding before stopping and wait until the material in the casing is finished then, stop the machine.
5. To regularly check the various parts of the conveyor, such as whether the fasteners are loose, if there is looseness to be fastened in time, so as to prevent in advance.
6. When the conveyor is in operation, it is not allowed to remove the cover so as to avoid personal injury and often to add lubricant to the moving parts.
7. For viscous materials, clean the inner wall of the casing and the screw body in time to prevent the residual material corrode the conveyor.
Cement screw conveyors have a wide application, in addition to cement, the other powdery, granular and small block materials can also be transported. As the use environment of screw conveyors is generally larger dust, the screw feeder conveyor bearings are kept in dust for a long period of time, it will exacerbate its wear and tear, and it is necessary to regularly maintain and lubricate the machinery so that the conveyor can operate better. PK MACHINERY is a professional cement screw conveyor manufacturer,for more information, please visit www.pkmachinery.com