Matters Should Be Noticed Before Vibrating Sieve Start-up


1. Before starting up the vibrating sieve, please make sure there is no items affect the movement of screen box in the working zone, then feed the material into the screen.
2. During the normal operation, please make sure the bearing temperature is not too high.
3. Pay attention to the vibrating screen and make sure there is no abnormal sound, the operation of vibrating screen should be smooth without abnormal oscillation phenomenon, when it swings, please check whether the elasticity of four supporting springs is consistent, and if there is any break phenomenon.
4. Please check whether there is any looseness of screen mesh, if any, please should stop the vibration separator in time and repair.
5.The main shaft speed is very high, so bearing part must be ensured with a good lubrication or please replace lubricating oil regularly.
6.When bearing installation of is completed, no heating or oil leakage should occur during operation, please add the yellow glycerin once a week and clean the bearing every 1 to 2 months .Then add clean yellow glycerin again.
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