How to Measure the Quality of Belt Conveyor Roller & Trough Roller Bracket Maintenance


Belt conveyor roller is an important part to the belt conveyor.Its role is to support the conveyor belt and conveying materials weight. The belt conveyor roller must be flexible and reliable so as to reduce the friction against the conveyor belt. Although the roller is a relative small part to the belt conveyor equipment and its structure is simple, it is not easy to manufacture high quality rollers.
belt conveyor roller fabricated by Henan PK mining machinery industry
1. To measure the quality of good or bad idler roller has the following indicators:
1)Radial runout value of the roller;
2)Roller flexibility;
3)Axial movement value;
4)Conveyor belt roller dustproof performance;
5)Roller waterproof performance;
6)Axial load-carrying property of roller;
7)Roller impact resistance performance;
8)Roller lifespan.
belt conveyor roller fabricated by Henan PK mining machinery industry
2. Belt conveyor roller bracket is the support for rollers, it has following features:
1)Trough bracket should be of corrosion resistance: acid and alkali salts are not corrosive to it.
2)Idler Roller has strong hardness: good abrasive resistance.
3)Good sealing: roller should be fully sealed, there are plastic labyrinth seals at both ends of the belt conveyor roller and lubricating grease will not leak.
4)Ceramic surface for conveyor belt idler: there is oxidation film on the surface of roller that is very smooth. Materials will not stick to the belt conveyor idler; the friction coefficient against the conveyor belt is small.
5)Trough roller has long service life: lifespan of trough roller is 2-5 times longer than the normal steel trough belt roller, it can reduce abrasion against the belt, belt sway will not happen, so the service life of belt can be prolonged.
6)Low operating costs: the trough roller bracket can cut the overall cost of belt conveyor machine, and also can limit maintenance time.
belt conveyor roller fabricated by Henan PK mining machinery industry
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