Troubleshooting of Mining Belt Conveyor


  As the development of the conveying technology, belt conveyor used for mining industry also changed rapidly, adding many new functions. These new functions provided convenience for the user's operation and maintenance. Mining industry are mostly make multiple machineries work together to complete the handing task. If improper operation or material blocking caused the conveyor stop working, the motor will prone to be overloading and making abnormal sound. At this time we should shut down the conveyor immediately and examine the conveyor to find out the failure reason.

   Because mining industry has more complex situation the machinery will be prone to cause problem, if we can’t find out the problem promptly then will bring a greater loss, so Mining Belt Conveyor should be installed a sensor in the right place. When a trouble happens on Mining Belt Conveyor, such as motor burning, transmission part damaged, belt or chain fracture, belt slipping,
  we should design and installed some sensor or control switch with the shut down and control function, so that when trouble happens the sensor switch will give out the signal of shut down the conveyor automatically and also give out alarm. It not only reduces the damage caused by the trouble but also find out the trouble part promptly save the maintenance man lots of time.
    Here we want to emphasis the take-up device of the belt conveyor. It is well known to us that the operation of the belt conveyor should maintain proper tension, if the belt become sag and can’t meet the required tension, the belt will be prone to slipping on the transmission pulley. Providing that we can’t adjust the belt promptly, it not only affects the conveying efficiency but shorten the useful life of the belt. The take-up device of the belt is designed to make the belt up to the required tension to avoid belt slipping on the drive pulley and guarantee the deflection between idlers in the specified range. The new belt and the belt using after a certain time is different in the length and tension, so we should adjust the take-up device promptly.
Mining Belt Conveyor
       Mining Belt Conveyor is mostly work with multiple machineries, so the control and operation of the machinery are usually adopt intelligent controlling and remote monitoring technologies. Thus, when the trouble happens on the machinery, the automatic alarm device on the conveyor will give out signal to the operator promptly, then the operator can use the feedback information to find the trouble part directly and begin repair the trouble part. It not only saving the operator’s time of finding the trouble but also minimize the damage of the users caused by the conveyor shut down.