new type environment-friendly drum screen


Today, the people's living standards are constantly improving while China's economy is constantly developing. Also the people’s requirements on the spiritual life and material well-being life are getting higher and higher, so now the productions of equipment need to meet our requirements for modern life.
Environment friendly trommel screen is a new type of special separate sieving equipment after the vibrating screen. This screen machine consists of drum, frame, hopper, reducer and motor, which provides a simple, efficient and economical solution to expand the range of material and optimize the screening process. The sieve part of the drum screen was tilted placed, and the sieve is overlapped with dust-proof cover, so that there is almost no dust and noise pollution during the production process.
tumbling-barrel-of--trommel-screenThe drum screen machine is mainly graded process for the different particle size of the materials, the overall design adopts layered isolation automatic screening system, and this is a fundamental solution which solves the large power consumption, fast wear and tear of the screen sieves, difficult to replace the sieves and a lot of other problems of the vibrating screen system.
Environment friendly drum sieving machine has high capacity, low energy loss, low costs of sieving, simple installation, easy maintenance and other characteristics, this screen machine has become an ideal professional screening equipment for refractory plant, ceramics factory, furnace charge factory, coal washery plant, mountain flour factory and many other industries. As the trommel sifting equipment adopts grading design principles which screening the large particle materials firstly, and then screening the small particle materials, the life of the screening sieve has been greatly extended; the roller sieve can not only shorten the time of the materials on the screening sieve greatly, and also can make small particle materials flow to the discharge port, while the large particle materials move forward with rolling of the sieve part, which avoiding problems about the material accumulation, material clipping, materials stay too long in the feeding area. And it is very easy to replace the screening sieves, just remove the sieve batten, then install the new screening sieves and tighten the screws finally.
The drum screen machine has basically solved the problems about large power consumption, easy damage of the motor and the bearings, the long-term eccentricity, heating of the motor and burnout of the motor for the vibrating screen, which is mainly due to the improvement and optimization of the whole design; and also the installation and transportation for the rolling screen system is convenient, it doesn’t need embedded foundation, the production work could be started as soon as the power supply carried out, it reduces the installation cycle greatly. Environment friendly roller screen equipment provides a great convenience for our production and life, and promotes the social and economic development.
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