Noise Analysis of Belt Conveyor


The driven device,driven pulley,bend pulley and roller groups will cause noise if they are unnormal during belt conveyor running,we can judge the equipment problems according to abnormal noise.
1.The noise of rollers heavy deviation
The rollers usually cause abnormal noise when belt conveyor running,and with periodic vibration,especially return rollers,because the length of return roller is longer,the dead-weight is large,it cause the noise is larger,there are two reasons,one is the thickness of roller pipe is uneven,so it will generate a larger centrifugal force,another one is there are some errors between the center of bearing holes and roller pipe,then the centrifugal force become more large.
Solution:If allow to exist noise,and the bearing are not be damaged,it can continue to be used.
2.The noise of the coupling
It exist decentraction between the high rotary speed coupling side of driven device and reducer coupling side,then it will cause abnormal noise,at the same time,the motor also will vibrating periodically.
Solution:Adjusting the position of motor and reducer timely,to avoid to happened to shat broken.
3.The noise of pulley bearing
Normally the bend pulley and driven pulley with a very small noise during working,if cause noise,the reason of noise should be bearing damaged,then the bearing block will cause abnormal noise.
Solution:Change the bearing.
4.The noise of pulley
This is because when the supplier welding the pulley,there are some scrap iron,welding slag or other impurity fall into the pulley inside,but this noise don’t influence the conveyor working.
Solution:Please require the supplier to do a impurity removal treatment when they welding the pulley.
5.The noise of reducer
This is because the inner gears of reducer are lack of lubricating oil.
Solution:Please add lubricating oil in time,if can’t solve the problem after adding lubricating oil,it means the reducer has designing problem,please contact the supplier to maintain or change.
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