Noise Causes and Solutions of Vibrating Screen


Linear vibrating screen is operated by the vibrating force of the vibrating motor which is a destructive force. This problem has been considered in the design and manufacture. The shock-absorbing spring and other designs are used to reduce the impact of the vibration on the machine. There will not be much noise, so if there is a lot of noise in the equipment found in the production, then there must be a problem in a certain part of the machine. If it is not solved in time, on the one hand, the working environment at the time of production is reduced, and on the other hand, It will affect the service life of the machine, so it is very important to understand the cause of the noise of the screen and its solution.
The vibrating sieve box is composed of steel members such as cross beams, side plates, reinforced plates and screen surfaces. The sizes of these steel parts of different types of vibrating screens are also different, so the elastic vibration is not a fixed value. Difficult to accurately analyze and calculate, when these parts of the elastic vibration is too large, it will produce noise, the following we specifically understand.
Vibrating screen noise source:
1.Eccentric shaft:
The vibrating screen works by relying on the centrifugal force of the eccentric block to generate the vibration force. If the eccentric force deforms the eccentric shaft to produce a bend, the relative deflection of the inner and outer bases of the bearing will occur, and the trajectory of the rolling body will change, and thus increase. Vibration noise.
After long-term research and testing, we found that the sound pressure level of noise is proportional to the size and speed of the bearing. This is a kind of non-harmonic vibration with high frequency, and this vibration band is widely distributed. The vibrations generated during the operation of the bearing include two aspects. One is the structural aspect. The rolling elements cause a slight change in the position of the axis and cause vibration due to the composite action. The second is manufacturing, rolling elements, cages and inner and outer rings and other rolling table and then the geometric shape error, will cause vibration, of which the greatest impact on the waviness, followed by different degrees and surface finish, in the rolling body and the inner and outer ring Among the three parts, the geometric error of the rolling body surface has the greatest influence on vibration and noise. In operation, the load, speed, lubrication, and working clearance all affect the vibration of the bearing to varying degrees. Such as grease-lubricated bearings, pitting corrosion, which increases the vibration response of the bearing.
Measures to reduce noise of vibrating screens
1.Bearing selection
First of all, to meet the conditions of bearing life, and then try to use smaller size, higher degree of bearing.
2.Side plate stiffness selection
In the design of the screen box structure, the stiffness of the side panel should be taken into consideration, and the vibrations should be reduced with appropriate stiffness so as to reduce the mid-low frequency noise wave. Damping layers can also be applied to screen box steel plates to reduce vibration.
3.Multi-purpose rubber and plastic components
1) The noise level of the rubber sieve plate is about 10 decibels lower than that of the metal sieve plate.
2) When using a metal sieve plate or a stainless steel slotted sieve plate, use a buffer rubber or a plastic pad to connect the sieve frame to avoid the impact of metal parts and generate noise.
3) Although the coil spring has a low natural frequency, large static compression capacity and load carrying capacity, it can withstand temperature, oil resistance and stable performance, but it can easily transmit high frequency vibration and medium frequency vibration. In order to reduce noise, a layer of rubber is most adhered to the spring wire to increase resistance.
4) Rubber springs have minimal noise during operation, but due to the presence of their internal resistance, there must be sufficient iron heat dissipation area for the design.
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