Features and Notes of Steel Cord Belt Bucket Elevators (2)


This article is the continuation of previous one which is more knowledge about features and notes of steel cord belt bucket elevators.

4. Middle casing: The design for casing is optimized with double channel in order to prevent the eddy current interference which caused by the belt with relatively high speed, and strengthening angle steel attached to middle casing. The casing of elevator should be checked regularly in order to examine if there is abnormal noise, and frayed or damaged.

Middle casing
5. Lower part device: Gear and rack tensioning devices have been used to adjust the tension synchronously. The tail pulley is designed with automatic centering device and attached with an anti-belt-deviation device and instrument that control the level of material. The step for checking the device must be done in order to examine the base of steel cord belt bucket elevator, to check whether it is damage, crack and whether the bolts are loosen or not.

Gear and rack tensioning devices
6. Protection device: There are anti-belt-deviation in head and tail section of the main device. The signal will be sent to the control room when the belt deviation occur, and hence the power supply for the main device can be cut off immediately. There are material level control instrument and rotary switch at the tail section of steel cord belt bucket elevator. All the inspection exits must be check whether it is closed and sealed properly.