Notice During The Using of Ultrasonic Rotary Vibrating Screen


Ultrasonic rotary vibrating screen is a kind of high-speed screen equipment which is special for overtake fine powder. Can effectively solve the screening questions, such as material with strong adsorptivit, easy agglomeratio, high static electricity, high precision,big density, light specific gravity etc. In this article, PK Machinery will introduce the notice we should pay attention during the using of ultrasonic rotary vibrating screen.

1.Operator should keep a certain distance away from the ultrasonic vibration sieve to avoid accidents.
2.Please operate according to the operating instruction strictly, do not change the operate procedures arbitrarily.
3.Operator should check the safety condition timely:oil level, screen surface tension condition, fasten condition of bolts for all parts, complete condition of the screen surface etc.
4.During the operating of the ultrasonic rotary vibrating separator, we should check the condition of the motor and screen body by seeing and hearing.
5.Stop the equipment according to the process system procedure, it is prohibited continuing feeding material after stopping the equipment.
6.After stopping the equipment, check whether the bearing temperature rises or not.
7.After being put into use, keep the safety record of the ultrasonic rotary vibrating screen timely.
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