Operating Instructions of Portable Belt Conveyor


Before starting the equipment up, the wheels of portable belt conveyor should be wedged up to prevent equipment from moving when working. Besides that, there are some other operating instructions we need to pay attention to.

The following procedures should be taken before using the portable belt conveyor.

1) Check whether the moving parts are normal;

2) Check whether the belt joint is normal;

3) Check whether the carrying device is normal;

4) Check whether the complete protective cover is installed;

5) Ensure the belt tension is adjusted to the appropriate level before starting the equipment up.

portable belt conveyor fabricated by PK miningmachinery industry

3.Portable belt conveyor should run for 3 ~5 minutes in the non-load working condition first, and then it can be loaded with conveyor materials only when the non-load operation with no abnormality. Beyond that, we still have some matters that need to be noticed:

1)Follow the rule of inputting the materials before starting the machine up.

2)Conveyor pulley getting stuck into the materials pile is forbidden.

3)Spraying water onto belt and pulley is forbidden.

portable belt conveyor fabricated by PK miningmachinery industry

4. If belt off tracking, belt slippage and belt jumping of portable belt conveyor occur, it is strictly prohibited adjusting the belt by feet & hands unarmed or stuffing anything between the pulley and the belt. The adjustment should be done after equipment shutdown completely and ensure the power is cut off. It is forbidden adjusting the belt in the operating condition and use the conveyor machine which is of malfunction.

5. The behavior of standing on the portable belt conveyor is strictly prohibited. When portable belt conveyor machine is running, forbid touching the moving parts by hands and walking stride over the conveyor machine.

6. The conveyor motor must be of good insulation and connected with reliable grounding wire. The power cable of portable belt conveyor cannot be pulled and dragged casually.

7.Portable belt conveyor should be placed in a safety place after used. Meanwhile, the inspection and cleaning work for the equipment should be done well.

portable belt conveyor fabricated by PK miningmachinery industry

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