Operation and Maintenance of Belt Conveyor Tripper


Belt conveyor tripper is used to unload the material from the belt conveyor at a specified location. It r can either be in a fixed position or travel continuously on the guide rail at a constant speed.
The operation and maintenance of conveyor tripper is introduced as follows:
1.Specialized personnel is required for belt conveyor tripper operation and maintenance.
2.We should pay attention to safety, ensure there is nobody around the conveyor tripper before start-up.
3. Check the conveyor tripper everyday after shut-down, clean up and eliminate the negative factors affecting the normal work and service life of equipment, such as dust and stone scattered inside the equipment, clean up the guide rail surrounding etc.
4. Check the fasteners of all connection parts of the conveyor tripper regularly to see if there is looseness,if any,please tighten timely,add lubricating proper grease to the bearing regularly, add proper lubricating oil to transmission chain.
5. Replace oil of walking reducer once a year.
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