Operation condition requirement for limestone bucket elevator


Generally speaking, for the use of limestone bucket elevator, the construction site should be basically completed and cleaned up, and there is no dust or other pollution. Make sure the ventilation is good, if necessary, the exhaust fan should be forced to ventilate. Site lighting must ensure the needs of the construction, prohibit the use of mobile lighting lamp, sunlight lamp. Security warning lights should be set up in dangerous places at night. The handheld lamp must be a safe voltage source. Strengthen the bucket elevator machine installation and inspection of safety facilities before installation, weld safety piles, pull safety ropes and pull safety nets in the necessary parts.
In addition, we should strengthen the education for the construction workers to use safety helmets properly, make necessary rewards and penalties, and make clear signs and strict protective measures for the edge of the entrance. Non-load test operation should be carried out after the installation is completed. Non-load operation should avoid reversal and bump phenomenon. Non-load operation should not be less than 2 hours, no overheating phenomenon, bearing temperature rise is no more than 250 degrees, reducer temperature rise is not more than 300 degrees. After 2 hours non-load test, the load test can be carried out once it is normal. The feeding should be uniform when the load test is carried out, so as to prevent too much feed causing material blockage in the lower part of vertical bucket elevator.
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