Operation Essentials of Scraper Conveyor in Commissioning


Scraper conveyor is a kind of continuous transportation equipment. Its main conveying materials is dust shape materials, small particles materials and small pieces of materials. Although the operation method of drag chain scraper conveyor is not complicated, the slat chain scraper conveyor still need a reasonable precommissioning before it is put into use. Then all aspects of the equipment can work in a better statement.
1.Operation tips on scraper conveyor before commissioning
There are mainly four points about this:
1)All connection bolts on the scraper conveyor are ensured screwed up;
2)Clean up the sundry inside the conveyor casing;
3)Add lubricating oil to all the motion parts;
4)Check the electrical wiring of the scraper conveyor.
scraper conveyor produced by Henan PK machinery
2. Attention on buried scraper conveyor during commissioning
After the examination of all the components of the buried scraper chain conveyor and confirm it in the normal condition without error, we need to do the none-load test as well as load test.
It is important to notice the position and status of the drag conveyor units in the process of commissioning. For example the drive sprocket, tail wheel tooth and traction chain must work under normal meshing condition; tension device should be able to make the preliminary tension of two drag chain moderate balance; all rolling wheel should be flexibly rotating,etc.
scraper conveyor produced by Henan PK machinery
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